Join as Respondent

We always welcome all walks of life to join us and participate in our surveys. Your opinions and efforts are highly appreciated and will be compensated by attractive incentive.

Besides telephone interviews, online surveys and product test interviews, we are also looking for people who are willing to share their thoughts and insights with us to join our focus group discussion and in-depth interviews. It might take you more time, but it is also a very interesting experience to share your opinions with our host.

Focus Group Discussion

About 6-8 respondents would form a group and give their consumer feedback on topics like lifestyle, finance, skincare, cars, food & beverage, etc under the guidance of our skilled host. The discussion will take about 1.5-2hr. Snacks and drinks will be provided and the interview will be carried out under a relax and harmonious environment, we hope you would also enjoy the time.




每場座談會大約會有6-8名受訪者於主持人帶領下就不同的主題如食品、飲品、護膚美容、金融產品及服務等等參與討論。訪問時間約需1.5 – 2小時不等。屆時亦會提供零食及飲品,希望大家能於輕鬆愉快的環境下傾談並一同享受整個訪問過程。