Telephone Interviews (CATI)

CATI Centre with 20+ individual soundproof seats.

BTC and BTB services available (client list or random)

Face-to-Face interview

Variety types of face-to-face interviews such as street intercept, exit interview, HCP interviews, retailers interviews etc..

Product Testing

Conduct product testing before new product launched.

Conduct via HALL test, VAN test, product placement and online concept testing.

Qualitative Research

Focus group facilities are available at QMI office

Experienced moderators for conducting qualitative interviews such as focus group discussion and in-depth-interviews.

Retail Audit

Conduct in-store observation / compliance check for retailers

Services available:
Share of Shelf check
Price check
In-store POSM check
In-store planogram check

Quality Assurance

We have an indepentant quality assurance team to conduct quality check on all projects.